Partnering for Success: How We Collaborated with our Clients to Deliver Results

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We have established good partnerships with many European companies, including manufacturers of mechanical equipment and engineering project companies. They have strict requirements for product quality because it affects the satisfaction of their end-users when the equipment is delivered. Therefore, being able to appear on their supplier list is not an easy task, but we are proud to have achieved it.

European equipment manufacturer

Client A is an equipment manufacturer who found us through a friend’s referral. They had difficulties in obtaining OMRON PLC supplies in Europe, and since we had many large customers with long-term demand, we maintained a safety stock to meet their needs at any time.

Because the referral was from a friend, our initial collaboration went very smoothly. They were satisfied with our products and services after receiving the first order, so they quickly placed many more orders. Our partnership has continued to this day, and we are very grateful for the trust and support of our clients.

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cooperation case 2
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Portuguese packaging equipment manufacturer

Client B is a packaging equipment manufacturer in Portugal with a high demand for OMRON products. They had purchased refurbished OMRON products before, but encountered serious quality issues during the equipment’s use. Therefore, the client has strict requirements for product quality. This is also where we have confidence in ourselves because we always insist that product quality comes first. Therefore, we take strict measures to prevent counterfeit products from entering our supply chain.

Because we strictly control product quality, we have not received any customer complaints about product quality during several years of collaboration with Client B. In addition, with our support for customer the pricing and payment terms, we have become Client B’s core supplier.

cooperation cases 4
cooperation case 5

Hungary trading company

Client C is a trading company from Hungary, and although they are a trading company, our collaboration has been very smooth. Many of their orders require fast delivery, and with our abundant inventory, we can meet their requirements well. Often, from the confirmation of the order to the delivery, it only takes one day. With our many years of industry experience, we have successfully established an efficient delivery channel. We can deliver goods to customers worldwide within 3-5 days, except for a few countries.

cooperation case 6

So whether you are a trading company, a factory, or an engineering company, we can serve you well. We can meet your high requirements for product quality, expectations for advantageous prices, and desire for fast delivery. You just need to pick up the phone or send us an email to contact us.

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