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Transforming Industries with OMRON HMI Technology

See how OMRON HMI is innovating operations across diverse sectors.

Enhancing Security Electronics Systems
For a high-tech security electronics project, OMRON HMIs provided advanced interface solutions, significantly improving system monitoring, control, and user interaction.
Automating Food Production Lines
In a large food processing plant, OMRON HMIs streamlined production, enhancing efficiency and quality control, reducing waste and increasing throughput.
Advancing Pharmaceutical Operations
A Spanish automation equipment manufacturer transformed their production with OMRON servos, achieving new heights in efficiency - a model for your company's growth.

Upgrade Your Operations with OMRON HMI - Contact Us for Tailored Solutions Today!

Upgrade Your Operations with OMRON HMI – Contact Us for Tailored Solutions Today!

Why Opt for OMRON HMI? Discover the Difference

Experience Innovation and Efficiency with OMRON’s Advanced HMI Technology

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Basic HMIs

OMRON’s Basic HMIs, like the NB and NV series, are ideal for simple applications, offering user-friendly interfaces with robust TFT color touch screens and extensive graphics capabilities. Perfect for straightforward machine operations.

Standard HMIs

The NS series, as OMRON’s Standard HMIs, bridge basic and advanced needs with clear displays, fast screen switching, extensive language support, and Smart Active Parts for easy configuration and maintenance.

Advanced HMIs

Designed for complex applications, the NA series represents OMRON’s Advanced HMIs, featuring high-resolution, scalable widescreen displays for dynamic user interfaces and top-tier performance in demanding environments.

Choosing Your OMRON HMI: What Should You Consider?

PLC Compatibility: Identify the PLC type in your system. NA series HMIs integrate directly with Sysmac Studio and are compatible with NJ/NX series PLCs. The NB series works with most PLCs, depending on the protocol.

Features and Functionality: Assess the features required for your application. The NB series offers wide-screen sizes, dual serial ports, USB host and client ports, and multi-vendor driver support. The NA series, designed for the Sysmac Platform, provides advanced security, Microsoft VB scripting, and multimedia capabilities.

Ports and Connectivity: Check the necessary communication ports. NB series HMIs offer one Ethernet port and up to two RS-232C ports. The NA series adds an SD card slot for expanded connectivity options.

Size and Display Resolution: Consider the physical size and display resolution. NB series HMIs range from 3.5″ to 10.1″, while NA series offers sizes up to 15.6″, with higher resolution options for more complex interfaces.

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Which HMI Software Suits Your Project Needs?

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When selecting HMI software for your project, consider these main types:

  1. Pushbutton Replacer: This type acts as a central control panel, replacing physical buttons. It’s used widely in industrial settings to improve efficiency and productivity. Workers can execute various machine commands through a single interface, centralizing control and improving operational ease.
  2. Data Handler: Ideal for applications involving large amounts of data, this type of HMI software focuses on data collection and analysis. It can gather data from machines or equipment, which can then be stored or printed as needed, making it indispensable for data-driven operations.
  3. Overseer: Running typically on Windows, the overseer type offers a more visual interface, often through touchscreen displays. It’s used for larger-scale production plants and is ideal for decision-making processes, especially in systems like MES or SCADA.

Each type of HMI software serves a distinct purpose, catering to different operational needs. Understanding these types can help you choose the most suitable HMI software for your specific project requirements, ensuring efficient integration and functionality.

Which Software Powers OMRON HMI Systems?


CX-Designer is the primary software for OMRON’s 5.7 to 15 inch NS HMI series. It is integrated into the comprehensive CX-One suite, allowing seamless sharing of tags between PLCs and HMIs. Key features include drag & drop project reusability, a library of over 1,500 pre-programmed Smart Active Parts, and a property sheet for quick object property overview. Additionally, it supports easy project translation through import/export of labels, streamlining the creation of multilingual projects.

Sysmac Studio:

Sysmac Studio is a truly integrated development environment designed for complete machine automation. It unifies configuration, programming, simulation, and monitoring in a simple interface. Sysmac Studio integrates various technologies like logic, motion, drives, robotics, safety, visualization, and sensing into a single project environment. This integration reduces the learning curve and intra-operative software costs. Sysmac Studio also facilitates team development and integrated simulation, enhancing productivity and collaboration. It supports IEC611-31-3 compliance, third-party compatibility, and allows for creating flexible, modular designs using its library system.

Both CX-Designer and Sysmac Studio offer unique capabilities that enhance the functionality and usability of OMRON HMIs, making them powerful tools for various industrial applications.

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