OMRON CJ1 Programmable Controllers- Fast! Small! Flexible!

Table of Contents

Omron CJ1 series of small programmable controllers provide all the functions required for everything from machine control to process controll in a backplane-free structure that enables flexible system configuration.

1. Fast

CJ1 series Versatile machine control with the highest performance standards in the industry.

  • Upgraded basic functions

2. Small

CJ1 series super-compact design that meets the highest standards in its class. Even a narrow space in a machine serves as a control panel.

  • Height: 90mm, Depth: 65mm
  • Backplane-free structure for a flexible rack width.
  • Smaller units.

3. Flexible

CJ1 series suitable for essentially any application, from small device and temperature control, to large-scale control over networks.

APPlication-specific CPU units

  • CPU units are avilable for a variety of applications, such as CPU units with bulit-in I/O, CPU units with Ethernet function, or CPU units for loop control.

Full complement of I/O units

  • From basic I/O units, analog units, and position control units to Ethernet units, any of the units can be used with any of the CPU units.

Basic System:

basic system

Configuration Units:

configuration units

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