Omron Input Unit NX-ID5442

Brand: OMRON

Model Number: NX-ID5442

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The NX-ID5442 is a digital input unit designed for the NX-series I/O system. It features 16 inputs, PNP/NPN compatibility, and high-speed response, making it ideal for diverse industrial automation applications.


Detailed Specifications:

Specification Detail
Product Name NX-ID5442
Description Digital Input Unit
Compatible Series NX-series
Number of Inputs 16
Input Type PNP/NPN
ON Voltage 15 VDC min.
OFF Voltage 5 VDC max.
Input Current 2 mA typ., 5 mA max.
ON Response Time 0.1 ms typ.
OFF Response Time 0.1 ms typ.
External Connection Removable terminal block
Wiring Method Screwless clamp terminal
Applicable Wire Size 0.2 to 0.75 mm² (AWG24 to AWG18)
Weight 120 g approx.

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