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  1. “CP1L-EM” and “CP1L-EL” have complete with a Ethernet port.
  2. Six interrupt inputs are built in. Faster processing of instructions speeds up the entire system.
  3. Serial Communications. Two ports. Select Option Boards for either RS-232C or RS-485 communications.


CP1L-EM CPU Units Specifications

CPU Unit Specifications Model
CPU type Power
Output method Inputs Out-
CPU Units
40 Points
Memory capacity:
10K steps
High-speed counters:
100 kHz, 4 axes
Pulse outputs:
100 kHz, 2 axes
(Models with transistor
outputs only)
Relay output 24 16 CP1L-EM40DR-D
Transistor output
Transistor output
CPU Units
30 Points
Memory capacity:
10K steps
High-speed counters:
100 kHz, 4 axes
Pulse outputs:
100 kHz, 2 axes
(Models with transistor
outputs only)
Relay output 18 12 CP1L-EM30DR-D
Transistor output
Transistor output
CPU Units
20 Points
Memory capacity:
5K steps
High-speed counters:
100 kHz, 4 axes
Pulse outputs:
100 kHz, 2 axes
(Models with transistor
outputs only)
Relay output 12 8 CP1L-EL20DR-D
Transistor output
Transistor output
Type CP1L-EM40 (40 points) CP1L-EM30 (30 points) CP1L-EL20 (20 points)
Models CP1L-EM40D[]-[] CP1L-EM30D[]-[] CP1L-EL20D[]-[]
Control method Stored program method
I/O control method Cyclic scan with immediate refreshing
Program language Ladder diagram
Function blocks Maximum number of function block definitions: 128 Maximum number of instances: 256
Languages usable in function block definitions: Ladder diagrams, structured text (ST)
Instruction length 1 to 7 steps per instruction
Instructions Approx. 500 (function codes: 3 digits)
Instruction execution time Basic instructions: 0.55 μs min. Special instructions: 4.1 μs min.
Common processing time 0.4ms
Program capacity 10K steps 5K steps
FB program
10K steps
Number of tasks 288 (32 cyclic tasks and 256 interrupt tasks)
interrupt tasks
1 (interrupt task No. 2, fixed)
Input interrupt
6 (interrupt task No. 140 to 145, fixed)
(High-speed counter interrupts and interrupt tasks specified by external interrupts can
also be executed.)
Maximum subroutine
Maximum jump number 256
Input Area 1,600 bits (100 words) CIO 0 to CIO 99
Built-in Input
24 bits: CIO 0.00 to CIO
0.11 and CIO 1.00 to CIO
18 bits: CIO 0.00 to CIO
0.11 and CIO 1.00 to CIO
12 bits: CIO 0.00 to CIO 0.11
Output Area 1,600 bits (100 words) CIO 100 to CIO 199
Built-in Output
16 bits: CIO 100.00 to CIO
100.07 and CIO 101.00 to
CIO 101.07
12 bits: CIO 100.00 to CIO
100.07 and CIO 101.00 to
CIO 101.03
8 bits: CIO 100.00 to CIO
1:1 Link Area 256 bits (16 words): CIO 3000.00 to CIO 3015.15 (CIO 3000 to CIO 3015)
Serial PLC Link
1,440 bits (90 words): CIO 3100.00 to CIO 3189.15 (CIO 3100 to CIO 3189)
Work bits 4,800 bits (300 words): CIO 1200.00 to CIO 1499.15 (words CIO 1200 to CIO 1499)
6,400 bits (400 words): CIO 1500.00 to CIO 1899.15 (words CIO 1500 to CIO 1899)
15,360 bits (960 words): CIO 2000.00 to CIO 2959.15 (words CIO 2000 to CIO 2959)
9,600 bits (600 words): CIO 3200.00 to CIO 3799.15 (words CIO 3200 to CIO 3799)
37,504 bits (2,344 words): CIO 3800.00 to CIO 6143.15 (words CIO 3800 to CIO 6143)
TR Area 16 bits: TR0 to TR15
Holding Area 8,192 bits (512 words): H0.00 to H511.15 (H0 to H511)
AR Area Read-only (Write-prohibited): 7168 bits (448 words): A0.00 to A447.15 (A0 to A447)
Read/Write: 8192 bits (512 words): A448.00 to A959.15 (A448 to A959)
Timers 4,096 timer numbers: T0 to T4095
Counters 4,096 counter numbers: C0 to C4095
DM Area 32 Kwords: D0 to D32767 10 Kwords: D0 to D9999,
D32000 to D32767
Data Register Area 16 registers (16 bits): DR0 to DR15
Index Register Area 16 registers (32 bits): IR0 to IR15
Task Flag Area 32 flags (32 bits): TK0000 to TK0031
Trace Memory 4,000 words (500 samples for the trace data maximum of 31 bits and 6 words.)
Memory Cassette A special Memory Cassette (CP1W-ME05M) can be mounted.
Note: Can be used for program backups and auto-booting.
Clock function Supported. Accuracy (monthly deviation): -4.5 min to -0.5 min (ambient temperature:
-2.0 min to +2.0 min (ambient temperature: 25°C), -2.5 min to +1.5 min (ambient
temperature: 0°C)
Communications functions Built-in Ethernet Port (Connecting Support Software, Message Communications,
Socket Service)
A maximum of two Serial Communications Option
Boards can be mounted.
A maximum of one Serial
Communications Option
Board can be mounted.
Memory backup Flash memory: User programs, parameters (such as the PLC Setup), comment data,
and the entire DM Area can be saved to flash memory as initial values.
Battery backup: The Holding Area, DM Area, and counter values (flags, PV) are backed
up by a battery.
Battery service life Service life expectancy is 5 years at 25°C, less at higher temperatures. (From 0.75
to 5 years depending on model, power supply rate, and ambient temperature.)
Built-in input terminals 40 (24 inputs, 16 outputs) 30 (18 inputs, 12 outputs) 20 (12 inputs, 8 outputs)
Number of connectable
Expansion Units and
Expansion I/O Units
CP-series Expansion Unit and Expansion I/O Units:
3 max.
CP-series Expansion Units
and Expansion I/O Units:
1 max.
Max. number of I/O points 160 (40 built in + 40 per
Expansion (I/O) Unit x 3
150 (30 built in + 40 per
Expansion (I/O) Unit x 3
60 (20 built in + 40 per
Expansion (I/O) Unit x 1
Interrupt inputs 6 inputs (Response time: 0.3 ms)
Interrupt inputs counter
6 inputs (Response frequency: 5 kHz max. for all interrupt inputs), 16 bits Up or down
Quick-response inputs 6 points (Min. input pulse width: 50 μs max.)
Scheduled interrupts 1
High-speed counters 4 inputs/2 axes (24 VDC)
Differential phases (4x), 50 kHz
Single-phase (pulse plus direction, up/down, increment), 100 kHz
Value range: 32 bits, Linear mode or ring mode
Interrupts: Target value comparison or range comparison
Pulse outputs Trapezoidal or S-curve acceleration and deceleration (Duty ratio: 50% fixed)
2 outputs, 1 Hz to 100 kHz (CCW/CW or pulse plus direction)
PWM outputs Duty ratio: 0.0% to 100.0% (specified in increments of 0.1% or 1%)
2 outputs, 0.1 to 6553.5 Hz or 1 to 32,800 Hz
(Accuracy: +1%/0% at 0.1 Hz to 10,000 Hz and +5%/0% at 10,000 Hz to 32,800 Hz)
Analog input 2 input (Resolution: 1/1000, Input range: 0 to 10 V). Not isolated.

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